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Let us take the fear and confusion out of the college application!

Parent Consultations or Seminars

If you are the parent of a current high-school student, then you are probably already concerned about the prospect of your child attending college. You are correct to give this topic your full attention—the earlier, the better—as things aren’t what they used to be in the world of college admissions! At Apps4College® we want to take the fear and confusion out of the application process by offering both private parent consultations as well as group seminars. These meetings are designed to inform and educate parents about all aspects of college admissions, with a special emphasis on the college application.

Private consultations are scheduled year round and often include the student. The group seminars are usually held at the request of various clubs, churches or parent organizations and are scheduled months in advance.

Topics that are included in both the private and group meetings are:

  Suggestions for academic areas of study during high school
  A guide to standardized testing
  Information concerning volunteer & extracurricular activities in Houston
  Strategy to maximize the summer months
  Crafting a winning resume
  Organizing a specific “college timeline”
  Writing a personal essay
  Securing teacher & counselor recommendations
  Participating in a mock college interview


If you have questions or would like more details on the Parent Consultations or Seminars, please contact Linda Schroeder at  Linda@Apps4College.com  or 713-668-2707.

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