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Let us take the fear and confusion out of the college application!

The current college admission process is a far cry from what it used to be! The process twenty years ago—a single entrance exam and a brief application—has turned into a multi-year project of intense test preparation and extensive college research, the end result being the submission of numerous applications to a myriad of colleges. Unfortunately, this situation has created a great deal of apprehension and stress for students and their families. And due to the competitive nature of college admissions, this process is not going to get easier any time soon.

At Apps4College®, our goal is to take the fear and confusion out of applying to college by offering both students and parents a comprehensive guide to the entire application process.

Our services in the area include:

A series of private student consultations that will cover, step-by-step, the application process including extensive guidance and revision of application essays

Private appointments with parents that will outline the college preparatory course of study, extracurricular profiles most colleges expect to see in a student’s application, specific tips on how to approach the application process as well as insights into current admission trends

Group seminars for parents that cover the topics mentioned above

An intensive 4-session course that allows students to complete the majority of their college applications before the start of the Senior year.  For more information CLICK HERE.


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